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My life now…

Andre 3000- Hollywood feat lil wayne and snoop dogg

PSA:Death of Open bars

Nyc has officially lost there dam mind. Its bad enough that we had to lose 5 points and pearl paint but the fucking open bars to? O.o I remember when going to open bars was a thing of joy. Especially hitting up the ones that were top secret. I remember years ago when Myfreeconcert was just a fuckin blogspot page that only the underground scene knew about. Shit, only about half of the underground scene knew about it. I remember getting weekly emails about the poppin open bar events. I felt special. I remember the infamous kiD Cudi terminal 5 x Bacardi show where there was free bacardi on every floor all night. Shit, i remember getting kicked out twice because of how smacked i was lol. I remember those electric punnany events with Jasmin solano and vashtie. All we did was rage hard, dance and drink.It was love.I remember the big LRG 420 event in that warehouse where it was all love. Just heavy bud in the air, everybody dancing and free fuckin hennesy and captain morgan all night. Now its all fucked up. The companies/media got a hold of them. It aint the same no more.I recently tried to attend this open bar at the 40/40 and they didnt let me in. All because i had fucking sneakers on, excluding the fact i had a button up and slacks and just came from work. Can you believe that? O.o smh Niggas did not respect the OG rager/ open bar attendee ways. Shit had me hot yo. It use to be all about bringing people together and love. Not a got dam dress code. Now its either just corporate or business related. Even the ragers are fuckin different. Everybody comes to these events now to fake stunt or just lounge around. Its not fun anymore. The culture’ s dying. I say that to say this Fuck corporate america, fuck the media, fuck jay z, fuck social media, fuck freeconcert for switching up on us, fuck posing ass ragers and fuck new york for changing. Rip open bars. :(

The New Uptown

"Im from the bronx, amongnst corrupt cops, we mothered this rap shit but still dont get enough props"….


Fat joe -My lifestyle

Mann problem killed that 9th wonder beat bruh… Rap the female kendrick forreal. Hip hop.

Rapsody - Complacent feat Problem

RIP Stack man…

Did it my way- Stack bundles feat kanye west